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About Holt Custom

Holt Custom is a unique Sports Fitness & Dancewear company founded in 2013 and driven to provide quality, fashionable high-end gym, Yoga and Dance clothing in an affordable price range.

Holt Custom… What does it mean? Our evolution over the past few years means we had to adapt our brand too. Starting out as Original Raccoon, just two guys out back in a cold shed on a late winters night designing and pressing Custom sportswear and t-shirts.

As we grew the brand needed a slicker name, apart from American not many understood the value of a raccoon… 🙂

So after a brainstorming workshop, we came up with the urban street name VISH – becoming VISH Gear. But with any brand, you do not think of the Challenges.

The wording can be used in various ways: When something is going to be cool, such as a party or a girls booty (we sold a lot of yoga/fitness pants so made sense)

  • Ben: Yo dude you down for this vish party in CP tonight brah’
  • Ryan: No doubt, most vish

Outside of Manchester customers didn’t understand what we were all about but the logo stood out, it felt like you knew the brand and after a few months of coming up with another brand, we kept it simple, it’s a V, nothing more nothing less.

We purchased the domain, changed all our social media to Only V but soon hit another brick wall with another women’s brand called Only – Quickly switching to Holt Custom to help differentiate between brands, this is where we are.

We are constantly evolving to provide the best in the Custom Dancewear and Sports Fitness section and hope you feel the passion through our range like we do.

If you would like to know more about our brand or for custom clothing please contact us below:

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